Standing Torch 2.0 Floor standing bioethanol heater D27H80


Accent any indoor or outdoor space with a Torch 2.0 Fire Column by Real Flame.
The Torch 2.0 statement on its own and welcomes guests when placed in pairs at an entryway. The fire column uses a 13-ounce single use can of Real Flame Gel Fuel. A thick tempered glass cylinder surrounds the flame to protect it from the breeze. Use only with Real Flame 13-ounce single use cans (sold separately). SEVERE BURN HAZARD IF USED WITH ANY OTHER FUEL. Must be weighted with sand.

1) A delightful fireplace experience for small spaces! Perfect for apartments, offices, hotels…any room in the house.
2) No chimney, no electricity, no gas needed.
3) Easy to install, Simply put on floor . No wood is needed.
4) Generated by bio ethanol. Come with stainless steel fuel cans or rectangular burners and one flame handle.

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