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Propane space heaters run on liquid propane (LP) rather than electricity. They are the most portable space heaters available, as power connections do not restrict them. Even during a power outage, they can heat your home aptly.

They can generate intense heat and are around 20% less expensive to run than electric space heaters. They heat adjacent objects by emitting electromagnetic waves into the air, making them perfect for outdoor heating.

There are two types of propane heaters; indoor heaters come with vents, while outdoor heaters don’t. You can’t use the unvented models inside a room due to health concerns. In closed places, they limit the amount of oxygen and release toxic gases. While a fan isn’t required to deliver heat, some models do contain one to speed up the process.


Power cables aren’t an issue because these heaters are portable.
Price and operation costs are low.
Produce intense heat.
Perfect for outdoor usage.
These heaters are not reliant on electricity for power.

BTU is short for “British Thermal Unit”. In reference to outdoor heating with outdoor heaters, BTUs are used to calculate the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of a room by one degree Fahrenheit.

1 BTU equals to 0.293 W

1 KW equals to 3413 BTU

For example : 13 KW is approxmate 44,6000 BTUs.

Generally outdoor heaters operate on propane, natural gas, bioethanol , wood , pellet or electricity. Each fuel type has a variety of outdoor heating styles available. Outdoor heaters that operate on propane or electricity styles include portable table top models, free-standing models, hanging and ceiling models and also wall mount models. Outdoor patio heaters that operate on natural gas are more permanent and are available in free-standing units, in-ground units and hanging units.  Sinoheat will bring new products at affordable pricing regularly to satisfy customer’s various needs

Propane and natural gas outdoor patio heaters are for outdoor use only (outside any enclosure) where there is fresh air ventilation.

Outdoor patio heaters that use gas are not to be used inside a building, garage or any other enclosed area. Electric heaters can be used indoors and outdoors but in any events follow your owners manual.

MOQ & Delivery

As most patio heater gas is big in size and low value daily use products . Sea shipping is the normally the first choice . For sea shipping , we suggest customer order full container which protect the goods utmostly. You could consolidate several models in one single order.

LCL goods or sample order is also acceptable ,it is nromally will be packed with pallet or even plywood case. We’ll quote you case by case according to actural cost.

Lead times are quoted in calendar days. As per our Terms and Conditions, quoted lead times commence after the initial payment or LC receives .

For sample order of our regular models, we normally have them in stock. For customerized sample , it is negotiable case by case. For bulk order, depends on QTY, normally it needs 15~30 calendar days.

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